Politics, Philosophy & Law Minor

The Politics, Philosophy & Law minor – a discussion of the law and ethics of Putin’s war on Ukraine

Join us Friday, March 11th, at 2 PM.
The event is on Zoom and is open to the entire Berkeley undergrad community.
PPL minor students are required to attend at least two events per semester.

Join Zoom Meeting:

The Philosophy, Politics, and Law Minor announces a (virtual) discussion of the law and ethics of Putin’s war on Ukraine.
Panelists will make some introductory remarks and then open up for general discussion.
Among the topics we anticipate discussing are:
— What laws are supposed to protect non-combatants from death and destruction? What (can) happen when militaries violate those laws?
— What laws and political principles are supposed to govern how other countries can aid victims of aggressive wars, or insurgencies?
–What laws and ethics regulate economic warfare and reprisals?

Our discussants will be:
Ms. Haley Anderson, Ph.D. candidate, JSP Program, a specialist in international law.
Professor Saira Mohammed, Berkeley Law School, a specialist in responses to mass atrocities.
Professor Christopher Kutz, a specialist in the ethics of war and is the author of On War and Democracy.